“When I’m old, I’ll do this walk again. And then when it’s time to pass away, I’m going to walk Iowa and then just die on that route,” says native Iowan Alex Wolfe, a self-described pedestrian, on the last stretch of his 150 mile, nine-day walk spanning the length of Long Island.

We meet Alex at a crossroads: he’s approaching his thirtieth birthday, and he’s lost. His girlfriend just broke up with him, he refuses to sign any kind of lease, and his relationship to his art practice is in flux. The only thing that brings him clarity: walking. Through daily roadside confessions and conversations with a rotating cast of Long Island characters, we peel back the layers of Alex’s fanatical commitment to walking. “Is he depressed? No one walks for nine days if they’re not depressed,” one woman says over her chicken salad at a diner in Massapequa.

The Pedestrian is a humorous and human look at Alex and his walking practice. But it also examines what it means for someone trying to live an unconventional life in 2022 – from Levittown, America’s first suburb, to the whir and danger of the Long Island Expressway, to the moneyed main streets of the Hamptons, The Pedestrian follows Alex on a journey of self-discovery and begs the question: does Alex walk to get lost or to find himself?

Rooftop Summer Series 2023, Hamptons Film Festival 2023, Montclair Film Festival 2023, Rockaway Film Festival, Anthology New Filmmakers 2023.

2022; RT 19:25 min; Digital Video


Directed, Photographed & Produced by Nora DeLigter & Claire Read

Edited by Cooper Conley-Currier

Featuring Alex Wolfe

Featuring Richard Jenne & Sundown Surf and Ski, Levittown Florists & Flowers by Phil, Massapequa Diner, Reverend Candy Whitman, The Catchumm Inn, The Big Duck, Rav Friedel, Pink Tuna Taxi

Additional Photography by Leia Jospe, Kenny Sulemaneigh

Additional Editor Madeleine Peters

Sound Recordists Nora DeLigter, Claire Read

Score by Zach Semen, Roger Kleinman

Graphics by Lina McGinn

Color Grading Alex Gilwit

Sound mix Eric Brown

Thanks Richard DeLigter, August Doyle, Chris Smith, Jack DeLigter, Katy Schneider, Max Kopelowicz, Faye Tsakas, Stefan Weinberger, Shelley & David Sonenberg

The Pedestrian

Jul 2024