It’s the love/hate state filled with magic/tragic juxtapositions. It’s kitsch meets gator-rich. It’s flora, fauna and so much more than the FLORIDA MAN meme. It’s Florida! Your new 548-page, go-to travel guide by the company that’s brought the Sunshine State to the silver screen too many times to count. Flip through for tips on trips to the best honky tonks on the Redneck Riviera, to the largest nudist colony in Pasco County (and all of the country), all the way over to the coleslaw wrestling arenas of the Space Coast. Through gatefold chapter maps, personal essays, archival and contemporary photographs, poems and more, Florida! has a stop for everyone.

All of the marketing materials (see above) were written by me for A24's latest compendium, Florida!

A24's Florida!

Aug 2022